If you’ve come to this page you might be looking for a bit of information about who I am or what I do for a living, you won’t find that here (or anywhere at all in fact)

This blog is not about me and as you have probably guessed I write under a pseudonym (as do many other people following the case). This blog is for Meredith Kercher, a British exchange student that was murdered in Perugia, Italy on the 1st November 2007.

I’d like you to take a few moments of your time to imagine something….

Imagine you were Meredith Kercher. You were pretty, well liked, had lots of friends and lived life to the full, always smiling. You grew up in South London and maybe at the weekend you walked along the Southbank in the sunshine, went shopping on Oxford Street or saw the Houses of Parliament lit up at night. Maybe you took the tube into the East End up to Liverpool Street, walked to Brick Lane and drank in one of the late night bars with stars and smog overhead. Or maybe you rode the tube into the West End and relaxed in Hyde Park or walked through the Sunday afternoon deli market in Chelsea. You were intelligent and studious; you loved everything Italian and earned a place at Leeds University to read European Studies. You decided to spend a year in Perugia, Italy and you were so excited, the summer before you left must have dragged and dragged. You said goodbye to your friends and family and set off for the most exciting adventure of your life. When you arrived you met lots of interesting and exciting people and though you spent your time studying hard you also enjoyed socialising and experiencing what it was like to be young amidst the great nightlife of Perugia. You moved into a pretty little cottage not far from the University for Foreigners and the first few weeks seemed to go so quickly. You enjoyed Perugia’s famous chocolate festival and dressed up as a vampire for Halloween, you liked a boy downstairs and he liked you too. Then on the 1st November 2007 you went to your friends house to eat pizza and watch ‘The Notebook’ on DVD, you had a wonderful time and your friend walked you part of the way home. A few hours later you were lying on the floor of your bedroom, violated, bleeding and scared. Nobody came to help you, you died slowly, in horrendous pain and totally alone.

What did you do to deserve this?

This is what happened to Meredith Kercher. Her semi naked body was found on the floor of her bedroom on the afternoon of the 2nd November 2007, she had been sexually assaulted, stabbed in the neck and left to die slowly and in agonising pain. One man, Rudy Guede has already been convicted of his role in the attack and two others Raffaele Sollecito and a young female, Amanda Knox (Meredith’s house mate) are currently on trial. Amanda is now a celebrity and has been portrayed by her family as a victim.

Amanda’s family have denied the existence of hard evidence linking their daughter to the crime. This is a lie. There IS hard evidence and Amanda will have to face it in court.

The truth is nobody really knows what happened in the house that night or why, but the purpose of blogs/websites like this is to explore and understand the evidence with the sole intention of ensuring justice for Meredith Kercher and her family is obtained, if that means a guilty verdict (or not) for Amanda and Raffaele, then so be it.

I hope nobody ever forgets what Meredith Kercher went through that night and how important it is that justice be served.

This blog comes from a psychology background. There are two very useful websites on the case (and devoted to justice for Meredith), these website have greatly contributed to the existence of this blog.

True Justice for Meredith Kercher and Perugia Murder File

Please check out these sites if you are looking for facts/times/dates/documents or interesting discussion.

There is so much information on this case in the public domain and though some of it is good, some of it ranges from factually incorrect to outrageous fabrication.

Remember: Information is only as reliable as its source!

I thoroughly enjoy individual contributions to this blog and comments are always welcome. Please be respectful to the victim and her family (and to others posting comments).


8 Responses to “Why Meredith?”

  1. drob Says:

    i am so glad you are doing this. i think about this case all the time and i want justice for meredith and her family. this whole thing fasinates me, i cannot believe one human being can do that to another. it astounds me, the cruelty, i just cant fathom it. i have to know why? i have to know.

  2. Thanks for caring about Meredith drob, the case fascinates me too on so many levels but I agree, the most important thing is seeing justice done for Meredith.

    I would be one of the first people squawking if I thought there was a chance AK and RS had nothing to do with this, but I don’t. I think they know something, I’m now prepared to go as far as saying I think they were involved in the murder of Meredith Kercher.

    I don’t think, in light of the evidence we have seen, the testimony so far and the repeated lies told by the defendants that we can honestly say they aren’t hiding something, logic tells me that if they are hiding something they had a hand in the terrible events that night and I don’t think that in light of what happened to Meredith and in light of what we have seen so far that they should be able to get away with it.

    I’m not on the jury, I have no ‘secret’ inside knowledge of the case and I have no influence over the court proceedings so my opinion doesn’t mean diddly squat, so neither does my blog in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Mary Roaf Says:

    I’m an African American (a black person who is also American), and I can honestly say that it’s not surprising the Italian courts are having to tread so carefully with Amanda Knox’s case, even with all of the evidence (which didn’t apply to already-convicted Guede). There is a tremendous double standard of “justice” in the US when it comes to someone as ‘innocent-looking’ as Amanda (i.e. young, white, educated female). Hopefully, the Italian courts won’t be as swayed by her external appearance, especially given Meredith’s, and the nature of the crime. Viva la justicia!

    also, I have (unfortunately) run across a few individuals who resemble Amanda’s psychological profile (not so surprising in the US, which breeds narcissism). and it is imperative to understand that there are at least 2 very different folks inside her head; I’ve seen what happens when the “day-side” mask cracks, and it is extremely ugly. Meredith didn’t survive once Amanda’s mask cracked, however…truly tragic.

  4. SMK Says:

    That is a very astute observation above, about the cracking of the “day-side” mask. I think anyone who looks closely at Amanda will see there is something a bit scary about her.

    And I agree about the covert racism; also, poor Rudy is seen as almost irrelevant in many ways, although he is obviously a complex person, as he was just “the black”. In a sense, I feel almost sorry for him: He has received 30 years, and yet I would wager that AK and RS are the true masterminds, the true perpetrators, and he had no idea the mess he was walking into. I’ll bet the 2 of them would gladly have walked away, content to know he was in prison for decades, taking the full weight on himself. Thank god that did not happen, as they most likely hoped it would.

  5. Watching from New York Says:

    As a close follower of this case for over a year, I want to reiterate the fact that Amanda Knox’s demeanor has been of extreme interest to me.

    I am the mother of a college student her age and have been struck by her cockiness, coolness and general sense of denial of the situation she finds herself in.

    Rather than signal her innocence, this behavior itself strikes me as completely eerie. Most American college students — especially if innocent — would be terrified to find themselves incarcerated in a foreign country.

    Not so Amanda.

    She has turned this trial into some personal lovefest where she grooves on being found pretty and desirable. She fancies herself a celebrity — which indeed she has become in Italy — and displays not a shred of fear or the outrage one would expect from someone wrongfully charged of so heinous a crime.

    Whatever her role in the murder of this beautiful young woman, Amanda Knox is hardly uninvolved and all her actions following Meredith Kercher’s death are extremely bizarre.

    Put yourself in the position of a college student abroad whose roommate has just been found murdered. Even the most worldly and sophisticated among us would be wailing to go home, or at least to leave the vicinity of the murder.

    Amanda Knox strikes me as a sociopath. In many ways, she reminds me of Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who is in jail for the murder of her toddler daughter.

    My guess is that people like Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony get through life manipulating others and lying and trading on their sexuality and only get nailed when a murder occurs.

    Otherwise, they wreak quiet havoc on the lives of many.

    There is much to say about this case. Amanda Knox’s smugness and easy laughter in the courtroom of the does make awaken a certain impulse in people like me — to smack her squarely in the middle of her “angelic” face.

  6. Hi Watching from New York and welcome,

    Thanks for your comment and I completely agree, Amanda’s observed behaviour following the murder and in the courtroom has triggered a LOT of alarm bells in a lot of people. Her behaviour is, as you quite rightly say, eerie. I remember when I first saw a video of Amanda and Raffaele after the murder on the TV, not the one of them looking deathly pale, tired and on what appeared to be a huge drug comedown which was equally chilling, it was the video of AK and RS in the lingerie shop smiling, kissing and hugging and looking sexually aroused following the murder of Meredith Kercher. It was like they didn’t have a care in the world I found it and knowing what I know now still find it very difficult to watch.

    I am fairly sure that had this terrible incident not occurred in Italy that Amanda would have found herself in trouble at some point, she is as you say too cocky, too confident and too self-obsessed not to have found herself at least offending or upsetting people during the course of her life I believe this, coupled with what could be displaced anger in Amanda was a time bomb waiting to go off.

  7. The Bard Says:

    Hi there, and thank you MR for continuing to post fascinating and insightful articles. It really is a great service you are doing for Meredith’s family. If it was my daughter I would be so glad to know someone ‘out there’ was batting for my child, and fighting for justice. They can do nothing, they must be crippled by grief. But you have taken the strain and are pushing for justice through knowledge and open discussion. Bravo and thank you, as a Brit. She was a beautiful girl, inside and out it seems. In some ways you know this case has had the positive effect of making me, and I am sure others, hold their children a little closer at night, be detirmined not to let anything happen to them, to love them and guard them. So Meredith, you have touched the lives of many. Be at peace. Justice is coming…

  8. SMK Says:

    Those sentiments are beautifully expressed, and I think all would concur. Although the pain of their loss must be enormous, I hope that Meredith’s family can take some comfort in the knowledge that this tragedy will surely warn others of the dangers of drugs ( which must have played a part in pathology being actualized) and of unsupervised college residents. Meredith’s pictures reveal a girl who was open and trusting and beautiful. She should never have become anyone’s “target”.

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