First media reports on the trial started coming in a few hours ago and I have just read this interesting report in the Telegraph

Tears in the courtroom? Whatever next? A crack in the armour or a bid to assure the public and (more importantly) the jury she is responding emotionally to what is happening around her? Appearing more human at this stage certainly won’t do her any harm. Perhaps Amanda has actually started to realise the enormity of the case against her or perhaps her lawyers have finally told her to stop grinning and sit still. Either way she might win back a few brownie points, I can’t imagine the jury have been impressed with her behaviour so far.

The first DNA evidence will be discussed today in the form of the knife, the reported murder weapon. The 13.4 inch kitchen knife has Amanda’s DNA on the handle and the victims DNA on the tip. Nicki’s post over at TJMK on the DNA evidence which will be presented over the next few weeks/months is very interesting and gives a good outline of what we can expect to hear in terms of evidence in the near future and it’s reliability. It looks like Amanda’s lawyers are going to have a hard time convincing the jury that the DNA on the knife was the result of contamination.

I’m curious about Amanda’s sudden change from happy, smiling and relaxed to sombre and teary. Her father says “Amanda is doing OK but she’s had her freedom taken away from her for 16 months. You tell me how you would cope.” Though I can understand what he is trying to say I find it hard to believe Amanda’s reaction to her confinement would have changed so dramatically in a week, unless her parents have finally been honest about her chances of remaining in jail for the next 20-30 years.

Somebody has had a word with Amanda and about time too. Whoever let her wear that tactless t-shirt to court should have been sacked on the spot and I’m astonished that she wasn’t  told to stop grinning from ear to ear on day one.

It will be interesting to see how Amanda’s mood/observed behaviour in the courtroom changes over the next few weeks.