A key witness for the prosecution has been arrested after several grams of cocaine were found in his home.

Quoting from the article:

“In a separate development overnight, Italian police arrested an Albanian man in Perugia who is among the key witnesses cited by the prosecution, the ANSA news agency and local media reported. He was picked up on drug charges and cocaine had been found in his apartment, the reports said.The man has told prosecutors that he saw Knox, Sollecito and Guede together the night before the slaying in front of Knox’s and Kercher’s apartment.

He already gave testimony during a preliminary hearing and had been scheduled to appear in court in upcoming hearings”

If this is true and he saw all three together we may have reason to question whether he knew one or all of the three on a more ‘personal’ level.

I would also be interested to know why his house was searched. Though this may potentially discredit him further as a ‘reliable’ witness it also raises a few interesting questions, namely: what was he doing near the cottage that night? Did he know one or all of the defendants? Why did he come forward as a witness if he has been dealing drugs, bit risky…

I have recently read a Le Monde article (kindly translated by Skeptical Bystander) that suggests Perugia has a very high rate of deaths due to cocaine overdose and believe that cocaine may well have played a very key role in what happened that night.

Just another odd coincidence…