“To protect the sheep you have to catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.” Training Day

After reading reports about the testimony of those present that fateful November afternoon in 2007, I began thinking about the implications of the events that happened that day and the decisions that whipped this Giallo into an international feeding frenzy with a full spotlight on the Italian judicial system.

The reporting of this case and the ‘facts’ that surround it have been marred by the personal, political and financial motivations of the people orchestrating the defence and PR campaign of the (seemingly) un-defendable Amanda Knox.

Amanda has a fantastic legal team, a supportive family and a lot of ‘journalists’ and media organisations on her side. Despite this there seems to be an overwhelming and growing population of media organisations (and in particular the online community) that are looking at the hard evidence and not fancying Amanda’s chances in the dock one bit.

Amanda’s PR campaigners (FOA) have attempted to derail the investigation from the start, making false allegations of abuse in custody and attempting to discredit the fine work of the forensic experts involved in collecting and processing the evidence collected from the scene. FOA have even tried to bully prosecutor Mignini by accusing him of being mentally unstable. Why? Because he dared to prosecute an American girl using 10,000 pages of hard evidence, a great team of legal experts and the support of a massive community of people who want justice for Meredith Kercher.

FOA are scragging with Mignini as if he is the only person responsible for the case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. The case against the defendants is the work of a dedicated team of people who above all were determined to find out what happened to Meredith Kercher and catch the person/s responsible:

Let’s not forget the team of investigators that found Meredith and correctly preserved the crime scene, the team responsible for gathering and processing the forensic evidence, the team responsible for conducting all the elements of a thorough and careful police investigation without bias or fear of international wrath, the team of people responsible for compiling and processing the evidence, the same team that used the evidence to release an innocent man framed by the defendant Amanda Knox and last but not least; the team that are currently prosecuting the defendants and headed up by an extraordinary prosecutor who won’t be bullied, shamed or intimidated by a relentless and unashamed PR campaign.

This is not a witch hunt for Amanda Knox as FOA would have you believe. The prosecution has a strong case with a fantastic team of legal and forensic experts with one objective: justice for the victim and her family.

This has become a wolf hunt. The FOA including Paul Ciolino, Anne Bremner and family and friends of Amanda who seem to think that being a ‘nice person’ somehow disqualifies you from ever accepting responsibility for your actions, has acted with the ferocity and rabid narcissism of a pack of wolves.

Amanda Knox herself is sharp, canny and absolutely ruthless. Evident by her repeated lying and manipulation.

It takes a wolf to catch a wolf and there is no sharper wolf than Giuliano Mignini.

I’m fairly sure that Inspector Battistelli had the same feeling about Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito as Prosecutor Mignini and probably the same feeling Judge Micheli did a while later. Now it seems and we only have to look at the recent court photos to see: it is precisely this same feeling Curt Knox is currently experiencing. Doubt. Doubt previously overshadowed by complete and utter denial.

If the PR campaign had been that little bit less ruthless, that little bit more sensitive and the situation weren’t so grave (or the stakes so high), I could almost sympathise with Curt Knox.

I think he has just realised his daughter is probably a killer and that no amount of money will make it go away.