After all the speculation and accusations, the trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for their part in the murder and sexual assault of Meredith Kercher officially got underway on 16th January in Perugia Italy. The court ruled that the trial could held in the open but specified that certain more sensitive parts would remain behind closed doors. Though this may be a blow for the Kercher family who, by appealing to the judge for the ruling to be held away from the prying eyes of the world media hoped to preserve what little dignity for Meredith there was left, one American writer was getting ready to line her pockets.

I am speaking of the ‘award winning’ Seattle PI blogger Candace Dempsey.

Dempsey has covered the Kercher case throughout and has been a front runner in the unashamed Amanda Knox PR campaign from the beginning. Though I am a firm believer in the principle that a defendant should be innocent until proven guilty I am also highly sceptical of a ‘journalist’ so absolutely convinced that her version of events is beyond question that she will readily take the word of a defendant that has repeatedly lied as gospel. Now with the trial underway and the (almost certainly guilty) verdicts due sometime in the summer, Candace has firmly cemented herself on my s**t-list by plugging an upcoming book about Amanda Knox the murder of Meredith Kercher.

The book titled ‘Murder in Italy: The Story Behind the Murder of Meredith Kercher, the Case Against Amanda Knox and the Strange World of an Italian College Town’ will be published some time after the trial is over. I’m sure the Kercher family are delighted that a glorified food critic will be making money from the tragic loss of their daughter Meredith. Despite reading like the title of an over ambitious media studies project I’m sure the book will be a bestseller and what a wonderfully articulate, sensitive and well researched book it will be, judging from what Dempsey has to say about it, in her own words:

“The person whose death it is is [sic] the most important person in the mystery.”

Deep, really deep.

Who do you think will write the foreword? My money is on Frank Sfarzo over at Perugia Shock who has done an apparent U turn from interesting , objective reporting in favour of supporting the Amanda PR campaign (how much did they pay him for that I wonder).The Kercher family meanwhile are remaining calm, focused and determinedly continuing with their campaign to see justice for Meredith. Meanwhile the defendants, their lawyers and the American ‘experts’ supporting Amanda and her expensive PR campaign are continuing to scrag with the Italian judicial system.

How long will it be before Amanda Knox appears on the front page of American Vogue? Amanda Knox is on trial for murder and Amanda Knox will probably be found guilty considering the enormity of the evidence against her. Instead of supporting the Kercher family the world media has granted one defendant celebrity status. Deeply vulgar.

Being a woman, being American, being pretty, smart, kind or generous really has nothing to do with it and haphazardly suggesting that Amanda knows nothing about what happened that night is both disrespectful to the family of the victim and sloppy reporting. Why does it not surprise me? It’s easy to lie.

The Amanda Show continues……